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Omar El Sherif, released the most awaited track “hoot Elbahr Elahmar”

Omar El Sherif is a 26 years old talented, focused, and emerging rapper from Alexandria, Egypt. From the streets of Alexandria city to Dubai, he worked hard to reach where he is now. He started rap in the year of 2009 and moved to UAE in 2015 and there, he hit a greater audience count that included fans from Egypt, Middle East, and Africa with the help of his unique music tracks.

Omar recently released his latest music track that is based on the popular novel “The Life of Pi”. The name of the song is “hoot Elbahr Elahmar” and it also has a music video that was filmed in Dubai. As the rap song is based on the mentioned novel, he explains in press release, “As lonely and emotional as one can get when leaving your home and the ones you love, sometimes you have to let go and just go with the sea”. Omar’s team prepared the music video in Dubai and provided the video quick just as he promised his audiences on social media earlier.

Mr. Sherif records all his in GAD music studio. Moreover, his very recent song “hoot Elbahr Elahmar” has a meaning behind it, he disclosed that the song is based on his life that explains all the hardships he faced while emerging rapper. The song explains how he modified himself with full strength while facing all the challenges. His audience and fans were eagerly waiting for this song which is full of positiveness and as the song released, they showed their love and support to him.

The video of the song is available on youTube and here is the link for all the areas where his songs are available.
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