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The Inspiring Icon For Children Of Mauritania – RachidEl Khabbachi

We won’t see anyone who doesn’t wish to be wealthy and successful, who doesn’t want to be an inspiration for others. While many people want to have this life, but there are so few people present in the world who have achieved it. Few people have the urge and ambitions to achieve what they wish for through hard work, struggles, and sacrifices. Success and does not come neatly; you have to do lots of rough to achieve it.

Rachid is one of those men who turned dirt under their feet into gold, by making struggles day and night. A man who used to beg on the streets of Mauritania now owns them. All of these massive conversions became possible just by hard work and dedication to his dreams.

From seeing his family suffering day and night for one-time food, suffering from extreme poverty, begging in the streets to making an entire empire for them to live in harmony is the possible by hard work of Rachid as known as JM.He did not have much of a plan or uncommon ability. All he had was an empty stomach that made him made struggles and persuaded him to get every opportunity that came in his way.

  • His Work:

On his way to success, he did a lot of business to keep going in the way. But, he realized that some of the organizations earn a fruitful profit through investing in different things. This rang the bell in his mind, and he started to invest in gold and diamonds. After spending some time and money, JM got the life he always longed for since the beginning.

  • Influencing:

Right after he established his own empire and a luxurious lifestyle for his whole family, he organizeda charity firm. We know that someone who is broken does not want anyone else to be broke. He started this firm to make sure that no one lives on the street; no one sleeps with an empty stomach; no one goes through the poverty which he faced. He runs this whole organization on the basis of his own income and profits from the business. After this piece of contribution in the society, the President of Mauritania invited him to meet him. After all that struggle, he finally gets what he always wished for, he took care of everyone who could not make their dreams come true.


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