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Taking over the world of entrepreneurship and trading is Enzo Savio Cusumano.

The 29-year-old has shown true grit, passion and dedication, which has brought him to the forefront of the industry.

Today, when we speak about different people, especially youngsters from different parts of the world, it is also imperative to learn about how differently they have worked to gain the recognition and name they enjoy today in their respective fields. All these people have shown what it really takes to become the best in the business space. However, one also cannot deny the fact that getting into entrepreneurship today is no walk in the park, but the ones who have attained great success in the same have exhibited true passion, grit and dedication with whatever they have taken in their hands. We came across one such high-performing and driven individual, originally from Italy, named Enzo Savio Cusumano. He moved to Germany in 2012 and began working at various jobs to make some money.

From the beginning, if anything, that attracted Enzo Savio Cusumano the most; it was the idea to create something of his own, something that could make him feel proud for the rest of his life. When he shifted to Germany, he confesses he did not have any degree or job offer and began with doing several jobs from washing dishes to construction work and even cleaned cars to make some cash. Enzo Savio Cusumano went ahead in doing a High School degree to then be able to start an education and become a Management Assistant for Insurance and Finance Subject Area of Insurance.

However, sometimes in life, after gaining some experiences, we often realize what we truly want and the same happened with his young talent. Working in the financial field, he did attain great success; but then made a swift move into the network marketing world and opened up multiple companies for his clients. Doing the same for one year, he opened his own trading and a coaching company, where today he teaches people about sales and marketing. His increasing knowledge and experience helped him get involved in many projects and companies internationally.

Enzo Savio Cusumano always believed in challenging himself and hence, moved to Dubai at the beginning of 2021. His early success as a trader, coach and entrepreneur proves his excellence in these niches and also motivates people to believe in their dreams.

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