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Story of Banbouk Music, Becoming of Music Producer from Bike Racer

Banbouk was born on 24 February 1989, in Syria with Turkish roots. He loves music since his childhood at the age of 20 years he moved to Dubai. In 2008 he attended American college then Ebla private university as a business student in 2013, after he graduated he pursued MBA in Shelly Business School.

In 2010 he started working with Yamaha UAE and he used to race for them on ATV Yamaha Raptor 700(Quad bikes) for 3 years, First year he was the second in UAE Quad race and got the silver medal and the first for 2 years and got 2 golden medals in UAE quad race

On his last race which was sponsored by Redbull, he had a big accident at UAE superbike championship broke his 2 legs and had a surgery in Dubai and placed two metal plates in his leg after that he decided to stop racing and focus on his music career.

In 2016 he started to perform in different big clubs in Dubai and released his first single sin8 after that he released half a pill, Moments, Alepp, Dogs are better. In 2017 he released his album west garden which got loved by techno music lovers and because of that he came with the idea of Code8 which is a techno night and it took a place all over the middle east and the main club for that was Boudoir Dubai. In 2019 he started focusing on EDM ( Electronic Dance Music) and produced his song balloons.

He was awarded by Anghami with the golden bar at their monthly event for west garden album celebrating hitting 200,000 plays in 1day. He was voted Dubai No.1DJ by Music Magazine in its annual Top 100DJs readership poll in 2018, his song Alepp was played on every radio in the UAE also it got to number 1 techno hit by dance Fm.

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