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Some important points about how to become a successful composer? According to famous composer Morteza Shokri

Raise your time and goals: Time is always limited, but if you are serious about doing it as a profession, then do your best.

 Do not worry about the deadline:

 You can not limit a genius to time. Except when musicians are forced to dedicate time to seasonal concerts

 Eliminate your competitors: Be confident and gradually eliminate your competitors by learning your own techniques.

 Small Melodies: A melodic motif (the smallest melodic component), which is usually a combination of two chords, can transform your composition. Always pay attention to these small melodies.

 Balance: Do not choose hard, external chords, but find unique ways to combine regular chords.

 Songs are usually composed of two chords that reveal melody, mood, or both when moving back and forth.

 In fact, many people like the sudden movement of chords. (Changes in one-third, not in the traditional one-quarter method)

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