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Stevieknocks Spotted with Country Grammar Rapper Nelly At A Nightclub

Our Team of Paparazzi Spotted the Rapper Nelly Having a good time at a night club in Orange County but we also noticed well-known producer Stevieknocks was in attendance as well, from our angle, you can see the two of them having the time of their lives smoking, drinking & having fun!

Stevieknocks has been linked with so many big artists such as famous Dex and rich the kid so it wasn’t a surprise to see him in attendance. At the end of the night, you can see them getting ready to leave out the back and we were able to sneak a few photos of Stevieknocks and The Country Grammar Rapper.

I wonder what Stevieknocks and Nelly have cooking up? As of lately, Nelly has been Dancing with the stars with Hollywood’s best so we will just have to wait.


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