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Corona’s hard impact on music: Yasan Ghorbani (yasan) , a prominent singer, talks to us

Corona, as a catastrophic event, in addition to affecting the health and general state of the world, also changed the state of entertainment. Although the spread of the corona virus increased people’s interest in various categories of art, music was left behind in this regard.

In the last two years, Iranian pop music has faced a lot of damage. With the increase in the percentage of watching movies and series in their free time, the number of people who spent their leisure time with new songs has decreased.

Canceling concerts of famous or new singers, reducing sales of music albums has caused the decline of Iranian pop music.

As people’s interest in new released songs and albums decreased, the quality of the works also dropped drastically and most of the published works were artistically weak.

By canceling all the singers’ concerts and causing great damage and reducing the income of this class, some of these artists were forced to use the virtual space to satisfy the people and prevent the lack of fans. In the last two years, a number of singers have become very successful in holding virtual concerts. Rap music singers held their concerts using foreign platforms and licensed domestic singers using virtual platforms such as Instagram. Sirvan Khosravi, Benyamin Bahadri can be mentioned among the singers who performed live in the virtual space.

With the reduction of people’s entertainment and staying at home for a long time, these concerts were usually welcomed and many viewers watched the performances of these singers.

Other companies and media also facilitated this to help make this happen, as well as for their own economic reasons, by providing the platforms needed to run online.

Some singers managed to perform live, but online, using platforms such as Lens, Nemava and Filmo. It is noteworthy that no support was given to these singers.

Other singers were also forced to create their own platform and hold an online concert on their official website to prevent these incidents and gain more control over their content.

The effect of this decrease in the use of music and the decline in the quality of published music can be seen in people’s taste and psyche. Now, most of Iran’s young people enjoy foreign songs more than in the past, and the number of listeners of Iranian songs is decreasing. Among domestic songs, only high-quality happy songs have been noticed, which is not far from expectations.

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