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Samuel Kwame Boadu List traits Of A Successful Entrepreneur

In one of his teachings on Facebook Live to inculcate entrepreneurial spirit among the youth and his followers. Samuel Kwame Boadu, Founding CEO of SamBoad Business Group limited shares what it is that makes a successful entrepreneur.

1. Willingness to go the extra mile by learning from your superiors.

2. To succeed as an entrepreneur you need to be resilient.

3. Character is key.

According to him, people have been successful for many reasons – Some have been successful because of where they were born. Some have been successful because of who they were born to. Others, because of their own character and determination to succeed. And there are those who are successful because of their ability to change their destinies.

Among all he mentioned, Samuel Kwame Boadu believes that those that decided to change their destinies would be his number one choice.

He noted that, “When one is successful because they were born into a massive inheritance, they have no choice than to promote the legacy left for them.”

However, I doff my hat for those who were born from underground, had nothing and changed their destinies like myself “

“What really sets them apart is character and resilience,” he concluded.

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