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Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro a fitness trainer of Celebrities, UAE Government Officials in Dubai

Living an energetic, healthy lifestyle has never been more modern, and a lot of that is down to the beginning of the fitness trainer and influencer.

Social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook have made it easier for many fitness PRO who can change the way people live. We all know good fitness is very important in our time. It has allowed many top names to come forward and help millions out there who need good fitness trainers online offline. 

Every influencer or fitness trainer shares good advice; there are tons more who don’t know what they’re talking about and growing their following because they have a banging body.

There’s a real contrast between someone with a peachy booty, abs of iron, and rising biceps who posts selfies from the gym while workouts, and someone who gives genuinely good workouts, and

motivational advice like Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro. Some intro to one of the best fitness trainers of Dubai he is from India settled in Dubai helping sports athletes, celebrities and sports personalities achieve their life goal. Being an award-winning bodybuilder and Certified Fitness trainer he recently came into fame when he was asked to help top cricketers in IPL2020. 

Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro is surely the influencer and best fitness trainer of Dubai you should follow to gain good shape of mind and body.

With immunity marked as the “need of the hour in Pandemic” and with nearly zero ways to strike a work-life balance, it is no longer a matter of shock that more and more people prefer to keep their mind and body in check to feel well in these hard pandemic times.

Celebrity fitness trainer Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro, who is also one of best fitness experts in Dubai is well known for her expertise in training which has gained huge demand among both celebrities and fitness enthusiasts alike. 

He is the trainer of stars, Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro inspires people to adopt pure workout formulas exercises one can perform even from home. So if you want to look smart and also mentally fit then you must follow Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro on various social media platforms in 2021.

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