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Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro a fitness trainer of Celebrities, UAE Government Officials in Dubai

Living an energetic, healthy lifestyle has never been more modern, and a lot of that is down to the beginning of the fitness trainer and influencer. Social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook have made it easier for many…

Consume protein before sleeping, a crucial piece of advice given by Amir Hossein Manzouri, sports physiologist and international fitness trainer

Most proteins are consumed at three main meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while during nights, there are few proteins for recovering body. Is it beneficial to have one extra protein meal before going to bed? Our studies indicate that…

How to have the best diet for losing weight? According to Mahdi Farshidinasab, a famous Iranian bodybuilder and fitness trainer

Many people ask about how to have the best diet to lose weight. To answer this, I should say although there are various types of diets, finding the best one is challenging. Beyond that, there is no diet suitable for…

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