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Influencer Maryam Rahmani aka Maria spill beans on her artistic self

We all have an artist inside us that we either conceal or are unaware of. And then there are these few individuals who are not only cognizant about their art but also realize how to express it precisely. Social media influencer Maria aka Maryam Rahmani is one such spirit who shares her artistic side with her true fans.

We have already discerned her creativity through the spectacular content that she creates for her social media platforms. Maryam Rahmani’s mind is particularly inclined towards art. Sharing about the artist enclosed within her, she has made multiple charcoal sketches and numerous oil paintings. Adding more to it, Maria also has learned about candle making and ceramic paintings.

For the people who are unaware of the creative and imaginative character of Maryam Rahmani, she is also a compelling writer. The influencer has been writing poetry since she was 10-years-old. Her writing was so profound that it was nominated to be published in London. This poem of Maryam Rahmani’s was supposed to be a part of a publication that consisted of 200 more poems written by several other artists. However, this was when Maria was 15-years-old, because of her academic restrictions she couldn’t travel, and thus, the contract was called off.

But this didn’t stop her from writing heartfelt poems. The influencer truly believes to inherit this artistic persona from her mother. She deems it to be hereditary. Maryam Rahmani has already enticed millions of people with her eye-catching content on Instagram. By the virtue of her beauty and fashion, she has made herself a notable soul of the modelling industry.

Based in UAE, Maryam Rahmani has attained several peaks of achievements. She is also a great sportsperson and has a heart of wanderlust. Talking about her corporate life, the model is currently the Senior Manager- Business Development at DAMAC properties. The world has seen very little of Maryam’s potential and would like to discern more.

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