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Mr. Then Continues To Help People with His New Book

Carlos Ariel Then, after swirling through the world of entrepreneurship, successfully performing his duties first as a corporate employee, juggling his time. Real estate investor and eventually life and financial coach, he has finally entered the word of authorship. His book by the name “Drop The L and Earn” is the written manifestation of all that Mr. Then is and aims to do. 

The book came out in the year 2019, and since then has been able to do a lot of business. The book focuses on educating the readers about the ways they can think like a successful entrepreneur and adopt the habits that lead entrepreneurs to success. The theme of the book revolves around the concepts of learning the best ways and establishing the sense of taking the right decision at the right time and seizing opportunities when they arise.

This book has been written after years of experience in relevant fields of sales, program managing and then finally opening up a personal business. Carlos Ariel Then graduated from the University of Rhode Island and completed his degree in Applied Economics and International Relations. After completing his education, Mr. Then saw the difficulties the millennial generation was facing and decided that they desperately needed help from an expert. That’s when the idea struck Carlos to open up a consultation agency and educate the generations on money matters. He has a website dedicated to his business that provides Real Estate Coaching, Personal and Business Coaching along with Taxation and Credit building training and tips. In fact, at the beginning of 2020, he finished a new book called “I Give You Credit: A Do It Yourself Guide to Credit Repair” which provides templates and resources to help people not only understand credit but improve it.

Carlos has contributed a lot to his website and wrote different articles that have also

 helped his devoted readers. His writing works as a piece of motivation for the entrepreneurs of the future.  

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