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DJ Burner talks about his creative journey

The master of a super-energetic makeover of Bollywood numbers, DJ BURNER is creating waves on the music scene, both in India and in the Maldives.

It was at a young age of 20 that DJ DJBURNER was aware of his affinity for music and he wanted to do something with it as a profession. It was the music calling out to him when he took his passion seriously and started DJing at the CCI Cricket Club Of India (Colaba), India. It was during this time that he honed his skills as a DJ and also got in touch with the international music scene.

Later he moves to the Maldives and was an official DJ of Varu By Atmosphere. Today, DJ Burner is a prestigious name among Bollywood musical influencers. He has performed in many clubs across India.Besides being a Resident DJ in different clubs in India. He does regular gigs in a different night club.

Today DJ BURNER is more than a DJ and has worked with many big Bollywood DJs. He released many of his mixes on in collaboration with DJ PAROMA, DJ DONNA, DJ ZUBY. In 2015, he was Winner of Kaleidoscope Festival War OfDjs and since then he has made everyone fall in love with his DJ skills. Speaking about his love for Indian music, he said, “An Indian remains an Indian no matter where he goes. Bollywood runs in my blood and Hindi music is peppy and quirky which has made its place in the global market.” His future plans are to cover several other Asian countries and entertain the people.

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