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Modern concepts of architecture, in the language of Helia Rad, a prominent Iranian architect

The concept of concept in architecture means the designer’s approach, goal, or vision of the project. All architectural projects should start with a basic concept.

The concept of concept in architecture

In the field of architecture, a concept is an idea, thought, or concept that forms the pillar, foundation, and foundation of a design project and promotes it. This force gradually becomes the main power and identity behind the progress of projects and is constantly examined at all stages of its development. All architectural projects must be derived from one concept.

The concept in architecture is the same meaning and reason for creating the final product (complete building or completed building). This idea will be the first part of the design process and just like the seed dispersal process for planting. Finally, just like a seed, it can have many resources and bring about many changes and results. This is a sustainable element that accompanies the project from beginning to end and its importance does not change even after the project is completed. A concept in architecture can be described as an idea, concept, belief, abstraction, philosophy, belief, inspiration, thought, intention, theory, image, program, or hypothesis.

Where does the concept come from?

The concept in architecture should primarily consist of three main areas.

Location: Analysis of the desired location including climate study, orientation, views, access, context, history, type of use, and…

Design Summary: Customer and building needs, accommodation, and construction budget

Building typology: type of building used

It can also be produced in whole or in part by building a program, culture, society, technology, passion, and emotions. It is said that in most cases a sample work has good roots in architecture and is related to the place where it is located and the surrounding context, so the analysis of the place will play a major role in the production and development of the architectural concept.

How does the concept affect the final effect?

The design concept will ultimately affect the whole project and must necessarily include the following:

Exterior and interior: orientation, volume, shape, aperture, height, light

Landscape: hard and soft surfaces, planting types, painting scale, planting arrangement

Conclusion: Colors, styles, textures, materials

Fittings: Genre, style, scale, quantity, material

Structure: light, heavy, traditional, modern, indigenous

Materials: Colors, Hardness or Softness, Absorbing or Not, Types of Materials, Styles, Local Resources, Native Language

Every aspect of the project must be derived from and guided by a concept. This can be a single approach to the whole project or individual approaches to different aspects of the design

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