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Occupational biography of Professor Morteza Seddigh

Professor Morteza Seddigh is one of the best-known architects who received his doctorate in architecture in 2010 from the Iran University of Science and Technology. He is also in the universities of science and technology, Shahid Rajaei, Tabriz Islamic Art,…

Modern concepts of architecture, in the language of Helia Rad, a prominent Iranian architect

The concept of concept in architecture means the designer’s approach, goal, or vision of the project. All architectural projects should start with a basic concept. The concept of concept in architecture In the field of architecture, a concept is an…

Remarkably Talented The Epic Photography Of Majed Veysel

Photography is a field in which a lot of people can be good at but it takes years of dedication and struggles to master it at a professional level. If you want to master any particular field then the best…

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