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Great Energy healer in Punjab and established Astrologer

Mr. Palwinder who is the owner of inner wonderlust healing center, has now become renowned all around the globe for his healings. Mr. Palwinder Singh born in Jalandhar Punjab, and raised kapurthala.

Mr. Palwinder is innate gifted healer, in his grown-up age, he realizes that he has different powers, divination that is developing in his early adolescence. He counsels & advised  his clients for their specific problems and advised solutions associated with them.

In the age of 14, he comprehended  that he is healer from his past birth  life, started healing people.His brilliance in astrology has made his clients to attract towards him.

His heightened perception in spiritual awakening has cleared his path for the spiritual world to heal his clients for their chronic issues. Meditation, Reiki, angel healing, Chakra Alignment, chakra clearing, Affirmations, Manifestations,Aura cleansing, Past-life regressions, Ancestral karmic healing, yantras activation, Numerology, tarot reading. Astrology consultations, Remedies through which improves life issues are influential.He also teaches reiki attunement.

One of his experiences he shared that  one of his client was always crashed with his business, whatever he does, he always had a huge loss in it, when he connected with inner wonderlust healing center, Mr. Palwinder has healed his chronic issue, now he reached at the next level in his financial situation. Living with luxuries, travelling foreign countries due to hike in his income has now made him a successful businessman.

Mr. Palwinder heals blockages from physical, mental to astral level. Energies are part of this healing world if negative energies destroy something, where positive energies heal it and make it in its previous image, more pure, more peaceful.

One more breakthrough he received when one of his client was suffered from the spirits, trapped her body and mind not allowing her to live normal life, when she connected to Mr. Palwinder not only exempted her from the spirits but also the shape of her body was changed differently, now got back to its normal shape.

So many experiences of Mr. Palwinder’s with his  breakthrough healings and astrological remedies has reached him at the heightened in his career.

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