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Italian Celebrity US based Aurora Rosselli hailed as the most controversial female photographer of the decade

October 17, 2021, marked the opening of a limited-time exhibition exploring several works from legendary glamour photographer Aurora Rosselli that celebrates her most expansive retrospective exhibition Acherontia in Sicily.

Aurora Rosselli’s Acherontia examines Rosselli’s influential body of work, widely considered one of the most important artworks of contemporary Art Photography in Hollywood. Pioneering for the emphasis on the eyes themselves as a unique narrative form, the Italian celebrity entered the US and jumped back into work.

Rosselli’s Acherontia brings new insights into her iconic career through self-portraiture silver prints and first-edition original work.

Known for the dramatic lighting and the unconventional cuts of her self-portraits, Rosselli’s work is obsessive and subversive, incorporating themes of persistently yet subtle sensuality into the narratives of her images.

Increasingly focused more on her images than her career as an Influencer, she continues to travel these days, dividing her time between her beloved Sicily and her California home.

Controversial scenarios, water, bold lighting, and striking compositions came to form her signature look, and in November 2021, Aurora Rosselli got awarded the Mediterranean Collection 2021.

After her digital exhibit at the Louvre in Paris, she’s described as a “widely imitated glamour photographer with provocative, erotically charged black-and-white photos.”

I was starstruck before I set eyes on her. When I did – at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills, always accompanied by her two children Asha and Illir – she did not disappoint. An insider we met alongside Aurora told us that the world-exclusive gallery Getty would proudly present the first significant permanent collection of this celebrated artist and photographer. All her body of work will be available on Getty Images. Alongside her rarest and most iconic large-format photographs, the gallery will also offer an exclusive and unpublished body of work available in new formats and editions, thereby revealing a lesser-known, more spontaneous, and personal side of the artist’s oeuvre.

The ambitious collection will bring to the attention of Italian and International collectors more than 50 artworks carefully selected by Aurora Rosselli herself. The collection will include not only the photographer’s most beloved work, but it will also demonstrate the photographer’s vast creativity in fashion as in her most intimate portraits, they were brought together in an ode to Italy.

At our meeting, Aurora was highly opinionated and loudly declamatory. She’s very well known for her responses to partners that can be perverse, and she is often the dissenting opinion. Her eye sees everything, and her memory for trends changes through the years is scalpel-sharp. There’s never, ever, a dull moment with her. Yes, she is a comprehensive knowledge of Photography history and social media. Yes, her generosity is unparalleled. Yes, she is fiercely loyal. But there’s something more that’s keeping all of us so happily enthralled.

For the past two years, we’ve seen Aurora, who jealously keeps her private life under wraps, jet-setting the globe going from spending time with the most iconic fashion designers to celebrating her birthday with a wide array of friends and celebrities. From bankers to athletes to rockstars and famed Italian and International stars, we cannot get enough of this ever-changing chameleonic woman. Her magic is in her singularity; she doesn’t look like anyone else. Her appearance in the front row fashion shows or on the red carpet always seems remarkable; she doesn’t sound like anyone else, she isn’t brash, but she is also never restrained or quiet. It’s merely her physicality; it’s her point of view; it’s fascinating to see her at work. Her every entrance is an event, and when she leaves, she takes the oxygen with her.

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