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Meet Jimmy Geib, a young entrepreneur, who is changing lives through his various businesses

Meet Jimmy Geib, a young entrepreneur who believes one can only be actually successful by helping others reach success. In the world where everyone is running to win the race, Jimmy is leading by example. He comes from a family with plenty of business experience and grew up learning the ropes.

He currently successfully runs 2 businesses called “LifeMavin” and “Geib Unlimited” and is working on expanding using the skills he has acquired over time. 

He is a keen traveler who likes to see and experience different cultures and how they work. He has spent many years observing different work cultures and has imbibed the qualities of many of those in his businesses.

Jimmy was about 13 when he entered the social media and web development industry and aspired to help people accomplish the goals they set for their brands. He is an idealist and started his first business at age 15, which was a simple content creation and web development company. 

He also does plenty of free business consulting for disabled individuals, since he also has chronic health issues such as Ehlers Danlos and Kidney Disease. His goal is to help them start, run and eventually succeed in the business world.

Even during the current pandemic situation, where the world is trying to survive Covid – 19, Jimmy and his team have worked day and night in building other people’s businesses. 

This young idealist entrepreneur is extremely humbled that he has become an inspiration to young disabled entrepreneurs and gives the credit of his achievements to his support system who have always supported him in his aspiration to make the world a better place.

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