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Katia Jundi: from starting out solo to becoming a leading model

There are very few entrepreneurs who value the behind-the-scenes efforts of others and go the extra mile to bring their stories out. One such person is model Katia Jundi. She turns heads with her stories of ‘what goes behind creating amazing luxury pieces.’

Leveraging rich media experience to make a difference

Jundi’s 20 years of lucrative expertise in media and as an expert in luxury media gives her an edge over others. She mainly focuses on the watch and jewelry industry. “I have made the leap into digital and would like to continue creating relevant content for this field from an Arab female perspective via Instagram, YouTube, and my own website.”

When asked why she chose this field, she says, “I have always had an affinity and passion for luxury, and the craftsmanship and art that lie behind luxury products, so I wanted to communicate that to the world. Initially, through traditional media and now through social media.”

When Jundi discovered the world of watches and jewelry, it was like she found her magical unicorn. She instantly knew that’s what she wanted to focus on. Jundi tells people great stories about beautiful luxury pieces that everyone covets through her photoshoots. She also publishes books, writes features, and hosts events to further promote these stories.

Valuing relationships

Jundi shares, “I try to have as many meetings as possible. I think a face-to-face relationship with clients is quite important.” Jundi emphasizes the importance of building and nurturing great relationships with the people she works with. She shares some words of wisdom for those who want to have steady clients. She says, “You’re not just a supplier. They’re not just a client. They’re a person, and you need to know what this person wants, and how you can help them achieve it.”

Jundi encourages everyone to show concern for each other as professionals. She believes that that’s what makes her work environment a family-like environment. She proudly says, “Just having each other’s back that way is what makes us who we are.”

Katia Jundi organized The Middle East’s Watch and Jewellery of the Year Awards, a pioneering concept initiated and implemented by Arabian Watches &Jewellery Magazine. This luxury event awarded the best performing watch and jewelry brands in the region. She also hosted the ‘Salon des Grandes Complications’ luxury regional watch exhibition. She was selected by SOS Children’s Villages to be their brand ambassador for the region. Additionally, Jundi was selected by Georg Jensen, known for their elegant jewelry, watches, and home décor, to be the face of the renowned brand. She was chosen for this coveted position on the heels of her social media impact and how she represented the brand style and values. All these events have catapulted Katia to the top of her profession and industry.


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