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Meet James Parry, who has created a strong foothold in the online dropshipping business. 

Currently, he is successfully running drop shipping stores that profits in 7 figures since the time of lockdown.
Initially, James Parry, popularly known as Jay started the journey of online business with gym wear brand. He later moved into social media marketing and helped many entrepreneurs out there to grow their social presence. Just after that, he came to learn about dropshipping and plunged deep into the business, only to emerge as a winner. Jay also mentored as a part of his passion project, many small entrepreneurs and most of them became successful, one of them being Bailey Knight who is also making 7-figures profit a year under the mentorship of Jay. He got into this field to come out of the cliché 9-5 job and ensure his success as an independent business owner, all because of the right guidance and support of James.
James strongly believes in keeping everything real in the e-commerce industry, he helped out people to grow their own brands and create income, just because he loves to see people doing well. He employed full time of his life in the business and never thought of stepping back in spite of all the hurdles. Setbacks were always a part of his journey, but he never weakened and decided to give it his all. He started making videos for the beginners, so that, no one will have to be in that position, where he was, initially, without any guidance or support. James magnetic online presence has garnered hordes of followers in present times which seem to grow by the day.
Within a couple of years, he is planning to team up with his friends to start up some white label brands. Alongside, he will continue to mentor people worldwide which may help them out for bringing success in their life. The time of lockdown was fruitfully used by James to turn his venture profitable and buy his dream cars Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8 and Range Rover Sport. His efficiency at work has helped him to be at the top of the game.

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