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The story of Divyam Agarwal, one of the youngest business tycoons of India.

Divyam Agarwal, a self-made Entrepreneur from Bareilly is the starter of SWAGGER DEEVS and is also India’s most youthful advanced social media visionary. At such a young age of 19, he is one of the youngest successful business tycoons in India. He is a digital marketing expert and also a successful social media influencer in rising.

Divyam is a powerful motivator for our youth, he is an inspiration to many teenagers and young adults who dream to make it big on the social scenes. He often helps people under him who counter difficulties in digital marketing. He also helps out social workers, politicians, influencers, singers, and YouTubers by improving their brand and boosting them on social media by creating a name for themselves. Not only this but Divyam’s services also include enabling them to get verified on social media platforms as well as provide them with technical support to help them grow without any technical glitches.

The list continues on even further. Divyam Agarwal has worked on tracks like the Ishq Ye, Naseeb Se, and Naina. He has also helped many people to achieve justice in cases of cyberbullying and fraud. Currently, he is supporting many youngsters to make a name for themselves and is working on multiple big projects with some multinational companies and their singers to help them develop their brand value. His label Deevs Mp3 is also doing incredibly well on social media.

Divyam said he was interested in the field of digital marketing for a long time and thus started his career in digital marketing at the young age of 15. Through his hard work and determination, he is currently owning India’s leading Digital Marketing Company which is making an average revenue of more than 1 million in just 1 month. Being one of the best digital marketers on the globe, he has worked with more than 15k global clients and over 50 multinational companies.

Divyam Agarwal is still a student and he has been coping with both his education and works together, quite well. Everybody believes he is doing an amazing job in his field of work at such a young age. Divyam is quite grateful to his parents and peers who have supported him when he was struggling with his work and schooling. He personally believes without their help wouldn’t be able to achieve this success. He is looking forward to helping more aspiring people with genuine talent but have no platform and wants to aid them to find their voice across the globe.

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