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Meet Idrees Kickz the most desired and the generation-next sneaker entrepreneur of Canada.

He has developed his brand Woiair into other niches and today lays out some important success tips for other up and comers in the business world.

In a world in which maximum of the humans are especially attracted and stimulated through overnight success stories, it’s surreal to recognise all those who get beyond all this stuff and create their particular area of interest through absolutely focusing on their efforts and taking every feasible step to make it huge in their respective fields. The e-commerce area through the years has given opportunities to a number of amazing talents and withinside the same industry is Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees Kickz who is currently at the pinnacle of the industry of Canada as the youngest sneaker entrepreneur.

Many young talents very early of their profession can very easily lose hope, self-doubting themselves and their capacity to acquire their goals. However, Idrees Kickz serves as a shining example of a teenager entrepreneur who broke the glass ceiling and went much ahead to acquire terrific accomplishment as the youngest entrepreneur from Canada withinside the e-commerce and the online space.

Idrees Kickz loved sneakers since his childhood and he believed he could achieve staggering growth and success in the same industry by becoming a sneaker reseller. Hence, he got into the same and became the owner of his brand ‘Woiair’ and is proving the sector that tremendous ardour and resolution can turn youngsters into outstanding entrepreneurs and leaders.

Idrees Kickz hails from Toronto, Ontario and began his career at 13. He bought stuff online after which he moved ahead with sneaker reselling of famous manufacturers and earned earnings from the deals. Increasing his expertise from the age of 13, Idrees Kickz built his self-belief stronger and opened up his brand Woiair. At 19 years, he became a millionaire with being a multiple online business owner with his brand, which now deals in not only sneakers but also merchandise, digital agency and real estate. Today, he lays some successful tips to other up and comers in the entrepreneurial world.

• Have passion: Without passion, Idrees Kickz says one might by no means experience the kick to develop their businesses to more glorious heights. Hence, the primary tip for any entrepreneur might be to have a great passion for the respective niche.
• Be authentic: In entrepreneurship, people must strive to be as authentic as possible. For this, people need to keep gaining knowledge every day and be real to themselves as entrepreneurs for excelling at their niche.
• Learn newer strategies in business: For growing in the world of business, Idrees Kickz says people must keep learning newer strategies for fulfilling the demands of all clients and customers with the changing trends of the space.

Idreeskickz has already become a distinguished business personality of recent times, who excels at not one but four online businesses, becoming the youngest millionaire of Canada. People can get connected with him on TikTok/Twitter/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram @idreeskickz.