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Li1.lean cancels tour because of coronavirus impact

The world is ending and it’s being affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The most obvious are the high profile festival cancellations and big artist who are having to postpone tours. We asked Li1.lean about his tour and he mentioned “Flavors tour is canceled in the USA due to health prevention” no new date has been announced yet .

Li1.lean said “there is an entire infrastructure of aspiring musicians, sound engineers, booking agents, record shop owners, labels, tour managers, event staff and more whose health is at risk with venues closing their doors. Fear in the industry quickly turned to anger and deception.

Lean spoke to a few people whose lives have been turned upside down in less than a week. Lean stated “The virus is no joke , please stay home and away from exposure” Lean will be using this time to be creative and bring new sounds out. We’re all going through the same thing and, knowing we’re all in it I think there’s a lot of peace unity in that.

Gabriel Montes, best known by his stage name Li1.lean, is a Latin, English musician, singer, songwriter and producer. His name emerged due to his popularity among the Latino community and social networks with his diverse music. He creates songs with both languages to experiment with two cultures and erase any border between them.

Where to Find li1. Lean

Instagram: li1.lean

YouTube: Lil Lean TV

SoundCloud: Li1.lean

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