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Humaramovie’s comedy short film about a migrant’s hilarious adventures earns international applause

Welcome to Mumbai, a short film written and directed by debutant filmmaker Abhijeet Kamble marks its first anniversary on March 02, 2022, after getting nominations in 10 categories in various film festivals and becoming the season winner in Italy. It is a story about Lallan, a migrant from U. P. who loses his employer’s important parcel on his very first day in Mumbai; its pursuit puts him in some hilarious situations encountering some bizarre people.

A slice-of-life comedy that stars Kabeer Singh and Shreedhar Dubey in lead roles, started its film festival journey only after its release, which is rather an uncommon practice. It was included in the “Lift-Off Sessions August 2021 – Official Selection” at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom. Abhijeet secured his first-time (debut) Director nomination with “First-Time Filmmaker Sessions August 2021 – Official Selection”. It won the Best Short Film category at the Vesuvius International Film Festival (13th edition) in Campania, Italy.

Becoming a staple for the young internet users in the last few years, short film consumption grew enormously in the last two years, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. ‘People wanted snackable content; something to divert their minds. Every platform catered to this demand, which in return, provided filmmakers with opportunities to showcase their work to a much wider audience than they ever imagined.” states Abhishiek Gautam, the Associate Producer at Humaramovie. Talking about the overwhelming response he has been receiving for over a year now Abhijeet says, “It’s so humbling! I think, at its core, people could relate to the vulnerability of suddenly ending up alone in a completely alien city.” Talking about upcoming projects he says, “I’m definitely doing many more shorts along with producing web features and web series for my new startup production company I’m currently working on.”

Produced in association with An Eve Films, Tazza Khabar, and Navam Media, Welcome to Mumbai has also been featured on movie curation websites like ‘SHORTED India’ and ‘Moviepedia Films’ with high ratings from the jury as well as users. If you have an appetite for ‘desi’ shorts appealing to international and Indian audiences alike, you should check out ‘Welcome to Mumbai’ which is streaming on YouTube on Humaramovie’s channel.

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