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An exclusive interview with leading entrepreneur Zeinab Mehdi Poor

For the longevity of any business, accountants play the most important role. They are the ones who build the financial foundation of any business. Be it dealing with money, or making the right investments; accountants are the guiding force. One of the best accountants and entrepreneurs of Iran, Zeinab Mehdi Poor established herself as a notable name in the business world. She was born in Masjed Soleyman, Iran and is currently residing in Turkey. She did her bachelors in accounting from Ahwaz University of Applied Sciences. It was in 2014, she did her diploma in graphics from the Masjed Soleyman Azad University after which she began her journey as an accountant.

When she completed her education, Zeinab in the initial stage worked for a private accounting company. After getting her hands on the work and understanding the accounting terms, the entrepreneur registered her own company and established it in Masjed Soleyman. Her company majorly looks into the financial accounting affairs, provides detailed reports, financial interpretations, value-added services and other important services related to finance. “Currently the financial market has hit its low due to the coronavirus pandemic, but hopefully it should pick up by year-end to stabilize the financial situation”, said the entrepreneur.

Moreover, her company is the only destination which solves all the auditing, accounting and financial problems of the companies in Iran. Its main goal is to provide the best solutions to the companies going through a rough patch financially. Her creative capacity is not just restricted to accounting and finance. This young lady is also a reputed name on Instagram. With a family of more than 300K, Zeinab has played a significant role in influencing people’s lives with her works.

On the personal front, she is a wife to Milad Hatamabadi who is also a popular Instagram influencer. The couple has a baby girl named Tala. Their life is all about exploring different places of the globe. The two of them are very active Instagram users and keep their followers updated about their swanky lifestyle and the latest happenings in their life. Their other venture is of an online game website like online poker, betting football prediction scores and other interesting things.

Check out Zeinab Mehdi Poor’s Instagram page, ‘@sahar’ and connect to know more about her.

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