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Learn the pro tips on mastering portrait photography from Gabriel Maia

“Capturing the inherent character of a subject is what portrait photography all about,” says the leading Environmental Portrait Photographer.

Seeing people and places with a creative eye is an art in itself and not many can excel at the same. Some are born with innate skills and talents to see the world with an artistic eye and passion. This very talent helps ordinary photographers turn into extraordinary success stories. Gabriel Maia is one amongst those who believed in his passion for photography and then took over his dreams to become the prominent Environmental Portrait Photographer he is today. He explains how the art of photography changed his life not only for him but for his children as well for the better. Gabriel Maia’s daughter Rosiane today walks hand-in-hand with her father to increase her expertise on and off the camera. Both of them have had a journey that has the power to influence many other aspiring photographers in the world.

Travelling to different corners of the world, understanding the true spirit of nature and the different locations and capturing the same has become Gabriel and Rosiane’s specialization. Gabriel Maia today shares a few general pro tips for all the budding portrait photographers to attain success in the industry.

• Have the focus on the subject: The subject is the most important aspect for creating a marvellous portrait, explains Gabriel Maia. It is essential for photographers to make the subject comfortable in their skin and also let them know about the style of photography for them to know what exactly they want.
• Choose the right location: Gabriel Maia personally doesn’t like to shoot in a studio. He thinks that nature acts as the best backdrop. He advises other photographers to carefully choose the right location for taking out their best talent as a portrait photographer. Also, getting the right location can save time and many efforts for fixing the images later.
• Capture the right expressions and emotions: Gabriel Maia suggests photographers to strive to capture the right expressions and emotions of the subject. This will help their images speak for themselves, helping them attain great success.
• Break the rules: It was Gabriel Maia’s unique approach to photography that helped him make his unique name in the field, also because he chose unconventional ideas and despised the traditional rules of the game. He suggests the same to others and encourages them to break the rules to emerge as a successful name.

Gabriel Maia also points out that photography can’t be robotic; it is a natural process and gives the best results when techniques, passion and art merge with one another. To find out more about his work, follow the Instagram handle, @rosyimages.

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