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Kevin Sacchi has done wonders as an artist and digital entrepreneur.

His humongous social media following which has crossed 1 million is enough proof of his growing popularity.

Many individuals have created their own distinct identity by doing exceptionally well in their respective areas of work. One such name which has shone bright as an artist and digital entrepreneur is that of Kevin Sacchi, an Italian-born artist from Crema who has not only done wonders in the entertainment industry but has also created a strong foothold in the world of entrepreneurship by establishing himself as a digital expert. His talent has been unleashed via his electronic songs that have a tinge of Arabic, Manele, Balkan melodies, which has placed him on a global platform. Kevin is known for his unique work, be it as an artist or as an entrepreneur heading his communication agency KS Digital Force which has secured its place amongst the top ten in the world.

His stint as an artist began long back when he was a student studying computer science, being a victim of bullying owing to his jealous classmates which encouraged him to come up with his famous phrase “Haters Make Me Famous“. Going forward he participated in a tour in Italy called “Stop bullying” to raise awareness of this issue, which further pushed him to collaborate with the boys of the television program “Il Collegio” which kick-started his career as an artist. Social media was steadily gaining pace at that time, which encouraged him to step in and begin his journey in 2016, by showcasing his talent via his participation in various fashion shows and modelling for numerous popular brands. He had instantly grabbed the limelight once he stepped in, which boosted his online popularity as he began getting invited for events as a special guest of honor.

We could say that he had finally arrived as one could see him signing copies of fans as he became the Italian testimonial of Triller app, an international rival to TikTok, which catapulted his popularity to the next level, positioning him with some of world’s biggest icons like Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, Martin Garrix, Snoop Dogg and many more. He established his digital agency KS Digital Force in 2019, which has managed to board many big brands and companies, handling their work on a large scale. Today, his agency has many VIPs, entrepreneurs, artists, businesses and individuals who have found success owing to his agency’s impeccable services. There are more than 300 accounts under his agency, which makes him one of the most successful social media manager below 30.

He has a huge list of accomplishments which will amaze all. Get to know more about Kevin Sacchi by following him on You can also find out more about his work on


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