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Jasper Ly, owner of Spiritleaf Scarborough, as a millennial franchisee, disrupts corporate giants

The Scarborough cannabis store offers the best cannabis delivery and delivery of Scarborough/Markham weed.

Having the vision to attain certain goals is one thing, but making the conscious effort to walk on unconventional roads, make tough choices along the path, hustle, learn-unlearn things, and still keep walking to turn those visions into a reality is a different game altogether. So many entrepreneurs and professionals have thrived being in the latter category, but among them, the ones that have outshone others are those who never gave up and even as youngsters focused on their goals to determinedly turn into extraordinary success stories. Jasper Ly did the same as a millennial entrepreneur and becoming a millennial franchisee disrupting the corporate giants in the cannabis sector with his top Toronto cannabis store Spiritleaf Scarborough.

The much-talked-about local store with local staff serving specifically to its community has the best cannabis delivery, delivering the best Scarborough/Markham weed. The cannabis industry has over the years grown exponentially across the world, and legally operating businesses in cannabis has been no easy task as well. However, Jasper Ly was adamant in paving his own path to success with owning the franchise at the Scarborough location, which now he has led to turn into a top 5 store in Toronto, Canada.

In the next few years, Jasper Ly aims to take over the cannabis industry and focus on upping the game to become the #1 cannabis dispensary in Toronto. He wants his store to be recognized as the premier destination for cannabis products with unrivaled service and in-store experience. Together, as a team, they have been magnifying the visions of the store and dream to become the #1 cannabis delivery service for Scarborough and Markham. Also, their dream is to be an iconic destination in their local community, which is Malvern and across Scarborough.

In the near future, Jasper Ly says that as a team behind a top local cannabis success story (@spiritleafs), they aspire to establish an e-commerce platform to further support our growth and scale us across the country. On a personal level, as a rising entrepreneur, he wishes to establish multiple businesses to give back to Scarborough and, one day, open a park or a community establishment for at-risk youths.

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