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Meet Cole Morgan, a young man who established himself as a leading brand expert at the early age of 20.

It always seems impossible until it’s done and this young man has made it possible with his diligence and determination in the vast field of branding.

Cole is a 20-year-old leading brand expert from Cincinnati. He was inclined towards social media from a very young age, he was just 14 years old when he started posting funny memes on Instagram, that went viral. Soon, he had built an audience of 40K followers on his meme account. Seeing the success of it, he managed to sell it to one of his friends. That was the moment he realized how much money he could make on Instagram. He’s been growing, purchasing, and selling Instagram pages ever since. According to Cole, those who can take the best of other’s advice and add it strategically to their unique skills and talents will watch their brand rise faster than those who simply copy everyone else.

Cole enjoys a massive following of over half a million followers on his @sluringz page, with 2.5 million more followers spread out across his other Instagram pages. With the undulating scenery of modern media, Cole has been growing and evolving everyday. Being a fast learner allows him to remain ahead of the curve and also helps his customers stay ahead. Cole offers social media marketing assistance to brands and influencers who are struggling to expand their accounts, in addition to doing paid promotions and affiliate marketing. He says, “I work with content creators, brands and companies to help them grow their audience or sell their product while providing a comprehensive insight into where social media marketing is today.” Instagram isn’t the only thing Cole is a specialist at. He was a beast at jumping rope, he was so good that he placed 11th in the Nationals in his first year of jumping.

At just 20 years old, Cole has proved that it doesn’t matter what the history is. All that counts is that you’ve got the drive to make money online effectively. He hopes to soon become a multimillionaire who owns several businesses and also wants to become a major investor in companies he feels aligned with.

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