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Italian Celebrity Aurora Rosselli is taking the stage at the 60th Annual Signature Headdress Ball.

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through Aurora’s pictures, you are familiar with what charisma is.

It’s a complex personality trait to define with words, an aura that invites you to gravitate towards the most charismatic people in the room.

Aurora has kept her thoughts to herself and a circle of trusted people during her lifetime, a city girl who loves the late-night club scene, a reluctant fashion icon who says she doesn’t fuss over clothes but looks stunning in just about anything.

She consistently exhibits a sense of humor and confidence in her public appearances, always exuding a sense of graciousness, openness, and connectedness, continually demonstrating warmth and poise under pressure.

In the past few months, the Italian celebrity has taken a step back from public appearances. Still, this month alone, Aurora made significant strides and returned to the public eye with a few important events alongside her children and a few close friends. We met Aurora as she hit the red carpet for the Amazon Prime Video Premiere Event of Outer Range, held at the Harmony Gold in Los Angeles, flaunting her famous curves in a skin-tight black gown alongside Josh Brolin, Tamara Podemski, and a wide array of other celebrities and cast members.

“Right now, I’m rehearsing for the 60th Annual Signature Headdress Ball. I am so honored to be a part of this event organized by the Assistance League of San Bernardino, paying homage to twelve hometown heroes,” said the Italian beauty. “This is something very new to me, but when my friend Tawnya Rhoades-Hensley asked me to be one of the models, I could not say no, and here we are.” This year marks the 60th anniversary of the event, and Aurora is honoring with her headpiece performance two of the hometown heroes, San Bernardino County Fire Cpt. Spencer Brumbaugh and San Bernardino Sgt Mark Aranda.

Increasingly focused on her career as an Influencer and TV personality, Aurora continues jet-setting the globe going from spending time with the most iconic fashion designers to attending events with a wide array of friends and celebrities. Her limited-time exhibition “Acherontia” it’s still considered one of the most important artworks of contemporary Art Photography in Hollywood and brings new insights into her iconic career through self-portraiture silver prints and first-edition original work. Known for the dramatic lighting and the unconventional cuts of her self-portraits, Aurora’s work is obsessive and subversive, incorporating themes of persistently yet subtle sensuality into the narratives of her images. Controversial scenarios, water, bold lighting, and striking compositions came to form her signature look. All her body of work will soon be available in NFT format alongside her rarest and most iconic photographs and unpublished body of work, thereby revealing a lesser-known, more spontaneous, and personal side of the artist’s oeuvre. The ambitious collection will bring to the attention of Italian and International collectors more than 50 artworks carefully selected by Aurora and include the photographer’s most beloved work and her most intimate portraits.

When Aurora was awarded the Mediterranean Collection 2021 on November 11, it was no surprise. Throughout her rise to stardom, the photographer-turned-trendsetter has cemented herself as a fixture in the entertainment world. “I think my style is just evolving and changing, and I think it should because that’s what life is about,” she said when asked about her style evolution. Arguably, her superpower is that she’s always had a standout style vision forged through the years by her comprehensive knowledge of Photography history and social media trends.

Aurora Rosselli’s story is a lesson in not getting lost in ever-changing trends but choosing who you want to be regardless of outside opinions.

It becomes less about what others think and more about the feeling of empowerment that life can bring. As Aurora says to us, “I have no desire to fit in, and it’s none of my business what others think of me.” Most importantly? “Take a risk.”

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