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How to become a successful fashion designer? Full description of Shaghayegh Karimi in this field

To become a costume designer. You do not have to be highly educated. But what is clear is the artistic taste that must be present in you. A good and professional designer must choose the right fabric and be immersed in the world of colors. Colors are one of the most important elements in clothing design. Light colors such as yellow are suitable for warm and light seasons of the year such as summer and dark colors for cold seasons such as winter. A costume designer must be fully acquainted with the climate of a region and the culture of the people for whom he designs clothes. So you have to have a good understanding of the consumer and his interests. In fact, you should be a great sociologist and have the right psychology for your consumer. You may never do the sewing of your designed clothes, but if you have a hand in sewing clothes. You will definitely be more successful.

 Interest: At the beginning of any profession, people go to that field without having any special education according to their interests. Pursuing what a person likes gives a person a positive feeling and success. You need to know in what field of clothing design you intend to work? Do you prefer to work alone or as a team? Would you like to work in the field of ball gown design or the so-called French (August Couture)

 Talent and skill: Interest alone will never bring you closer to your goal. Having enough talent and skills along with interest is essential. Designing and producing a wedding dress requires a different skill than designing and producing a leather dress. So increase your skills. Add to your previous skills and learn new skills

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