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“I Love Meeting Talented Entrepreneurs and Showing Them the Way Forward,” Says Motivational Speaker Mike Luzio

Entrepreneurship is more than just a career—it’s a calling. Entrepreneurs set out to build businesses with passion and inspiration, and oftentimes face many roadblocks along the way. Because of this, they often link up with seasoned experts for advice and mentorship. Entrepreneur, influencer, and motivational speaker Mike Luzio discusses how much he loves meeting talented entrepreneurs and showing them the way forward.

Mike Luzio is a passionate entrepreneur who bootstrapped his own business from $15K to $50 million-plus in sales. A top salesman who sits on the University of Maryland Board of Trustees, Luzio has set out to inspire other entrepreneurs to build the lives they dream of through his consulting business LVE Group. Created in 2016, the LVE Group brings like-minded people and angel investors together through consulting and speaking engagements. “I believe the future is entrepreneurship,” states Luzio. “That’s why it is so important to help others through excellent networking and even better connections.”

Luzio explains, “Talented entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd. You know exactly who they are because they are confident, yet humble. They believe in their dreams but have the self-awareness to sit back and listen.” Luzio has been working with entrepreneurs for years, and usually, at first glance, can tell who is in it for the long haul. “When you see that someone is willing to put the hard work in, don’t be afraid to take them under your wing. They’ve got the dedication, and with the right guidance, they will likely succeed.”

Luzio’s leadership work with the University of Maryland and the New Jersey Business and Industry Association Board inspires his coaching. While Luzio is asked to take part in a lot of boards, he refuses to spread himself too thin and commits to the boards already doing great work where he can give 100% of his focus. “If you are going to give an entrepreneur or an organization your support, give it your all,” he says. “It’s the right thing to do.”

Luzio is very passionate about putting money behind young businesses, equity ownership, networking, and harnessing the strength of social media to go forward. “I believe we have more power when we work together as opposed to apart,” says Mike. “Getting your foot in the door is one thing, but a good mentor can open that door for you.” Even though Luzio has built successful businesses for himself, he doesn’t consider his work done until he has helped others do the same.

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