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Harshit Pawar: Dancing is the most powerful tool of expression.

Harshit Pawar is a prominent name in Haryana and gradually becoming a prominent face of the dance nation-wide. It is clear from his journey that he is out there to achieve something great in Dance. His initiatives reveal the same. Founder of Stage Vibe, which has been providing a platform to dancers to showcase their talent and brush up their skills, Harshit is praised a lot for his work. He is truly a youth icon that youth deserve to follow.

Harshit Pawar who is a national-level dancer and choreographer from Haryana has been in the news before for his achievements as he has won several state and national level dance competitions and has received many awards but we are talking about his sheer hard-work and determination that led him to become what he is today.

Harshit Pawar started his journey ever since he was 5 years old and started participating in dance competitions from 11 years onwards. At that young age, he felt what tremendous joy does dance bring to him and he decided that this is the career that he wants for himself.

As of now, Harshit Pawar is the founder of Stage Vibe Productions which also organises events and competitions by the same name. Stage Vibe is really something that any dancer would vibe with. They have  been providing the stage to many aspiring dancers and helping them in making their dreams come true. There are many young generation dancers who look upto him as their mentor and idol. Harshit says that no matter what struggle you are going through in your life, dance has power to transform you into a beautiful and confident human being.

Harshit’s YouTube and Instagram has a great followers base whom he keeps updated with his vibe on regular basis. He keeps sharing his love for the art through these social media platforms.

Dance as an artform does not remain immortalised like a painting or literature but dance teaches one to live in the moment and it is the only artform that immortalises the artist. Harshit Pawar has been doing a phenomenal job both as a dancer and as a contributor in this artform. We really wish him all the success that he deserves.