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HHRD Efforts For Typhon Goni Relief In Philippines

Typhoon Goni, identified as Super Typhoon Rolly in the Philippines, was a powerful tropical cyclone that landed on Catanduanes in the Philippines as a Category 5 type super typhoon. It has been the most intense 1-minute strong winds on track record land falling tropical cyclone, surpassing the old record owned by Haiyan and Meranti. In 2020, it was the world’s most massive tropical cyclone to date and among the most severe tropical cyclones in history. On November 1, 2020, Super Typhoon Goni hit land with wind forces of 195 miles per hour, and took 16 lives, caused the displacement of 500,000, and damaged tens of hundreds of residents as of November 3. It hit land four times in the Bicol area of the provinces of Catanduanes and Albay, in San Narciso, Quezon, and Lobo, in the Southern Tagalog region Batangas. The volcanic mudflow has devastated Mayon Volcano towns, leaving the houses and settlements fully covered in dirt and mud.

According to the latest statistics, Typhon Goni has taken around 26 lives, and approximately six people have gone missing. The catastrophic situation has severely affected the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos and aroused a loss of $392.5 million. In Catanduanes, as stated by the Philippine National Police, 90% of the existing infrastructure was damaged, with 10,000 or around 65% of the houses composed of lightweight components demolished and 3,000 or 20% of the larger houses severely damaged or destroyed. As around 80% of power stations and communication towers were heavily damaged, communications to the island were restricted and hampered.

In emergencies and crises worldwide, HHRD is a multinational humanitarian relief and development association that actively responds to human suffering and death. They also contribute to the long-term relief and development projects in conjunction with their immediate disaster relief in natural or human-made disasters. HHRD operates internationally in countries with anemphasis where the majority of the population live in extreme poverty. Their partners range from local support groups for the region to global partnerships and international aid organizations.

HHRD has introduced its Philippines Relief Fund and works very closely with local vetted partner NGOs to assist those impacted by the typhoon. Since 2014, HHRD has always been in the area and is looking after 400 orphan children. HHRD conducts periodic seasonal programs such as Ramadan Food and Qurbani (Udhyiya) to supply and distribute meat. Moreover, HHRD operates a Skills Development and Livelihood Program for uplifting more than 100 students. HHRD has been positively impacting the lives of millions of Filipinos.  The HHRD rescue team had been on the ground, supplying the 2019 disaster victims with food, accommodation, water, and medical support. Their teams are continuously monitoring the Philippines’ situation and aim to relieve people from the disastrous situation as soon as possible. HHRD urges people to remember the country’s poor netizens battling the challenging situation in their prayers and encouraging people to donate to help relieve the affected people.

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