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The young pioneering grock artist Kwazi Cort is making his stride and hitting the chartbusters.

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture and exploring the world with rhythm and harmony.

Raised in South London, Kwazi Cort is a young music artist who has introduced a whole new genre of music, Grock and is revolutionising the entire music industry with his enticing funk and rock tracks. He was influenced and deeply intrigued by the progressive Pan – African movement that instilled copious amounts of admiration and adroit towards punk music in Kwazi. His burning passion for rock and rap made him adept in the ways of music and led him to be the forerunner of the eminent genre, Grock. The bracket Grock is a fusion of various harmonies and categories especially the upbeat fierce rock music and the versatile tones of pronounced philosophies and religion.

Making a name in this glamorous and captivating entertainment industry as an independent artist is not a piece of cake. His journey to success was filled with gruelling hardships. At a naive age, Kwazi lost his childhood friend and as a coping mechanism resorted to the melancholic lifestyle of drugs. Even when trapped under confines of despair, sorrow and hardships, Kwazi didn’t give up. Instead he channelled all his energy and started writing and making his own raw and profound art. The power of music is what got him through these tough times and made him the eminent artist he is today. Kwazi immersed himself in the stream of glistening rhythms and started working on his future. Over the years and acute practice, Kwazi developed his euphonious vocals and mastered the art of singing. His astute experiences and adroit talent made his work exceptional and peculiar from the rest.

Kwazi was heavily devoted to music and knew that this is what he was meant to do. He worked assiduously to turn his dreams into a reality and released his own first ever single “Trapstar”. This debut received tons of positive responses and hit the leading music charts. Within no time his track gained an insane amount of views. It marked the start of Kwazi Cort’s journey in the music world. One thing that is inspiring and colossal about Kwazi is how evolved, liberal and progressive his music is. Defying the traditional norms and giving a voice to many minorities and communities, Kwazi never ceases to amaze his audience. Even when the odds weren’t in his favour, Kwazi believed in himself and earned his well deserved recognition through exemplary hard work and perseverance.

As the legends Jay Z, Tupac and Pink Floyd as his inspiration, Kwazi Cort is redefining the industry and influencing many budding independent artists to work hard and chase their dreams.


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