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Google’s Latest Android Release Includes Even More Security Protections

Google has included various security features for smartphone owners in Android 15 beta 2, one of which is the ability to identify instances in which a phone has been “snatched” from a user’s grasp.

The smartphone may have been swiftly taken from the user’s hands or the table in front of them if the Theft Detection Lock feature notices odd movements.

The smartphone will then automatically lock after that. In addition, the gadget is capable of identifying additional signals that can point to theft, such when someone tries to unplug it to stop remote access.

Users will also be able to remotely lock the screen of their smartphones by entering their phone number on

Both of these features—which are compatible with Android 10 and newer operating systems—will be included in a Google Play service upgrade later this year.

The upcoming Android 15 will also have private regions, which let users store data, programmes, and files in a secret location that can only be accessed with a special pin number.

In the event that the smartphone must be reset to factory settings, Google will also include security. When this occurs, the user will have to give the owner’s login information when they first set up the smartphone.

There’s also going to be an upgrade for Play Protect that will utilise artificial intelligence to figure out how an app uses different permissions on a smartphone. The system will forward information to Google for additional verification if it notices any questionable behaviour from the application.

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