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WhatsApp Starts To Roll out the Feature for Certain Users to Transcribe Audio Communications

A new feature that WhatsApp is introducing will improve the user experience even more. The well-known instant messaging software has added the ability to transcribe voice communications, per a WABetaInfo article.

Users will be able to read voice message transcriptions thanks to a feature that is now only available to Android beta testers. The version offers access to the feature.

A new function that converts voice conversations to text is being tested by a small number of WhatsApp beta testers. This function needs the user to download an additional data package in order to process the voice notes completely on the device, protecting user privacy. The transcribed text and audio are not accessible to anybody else, not even WhatsApp. The language packs available to these testers include English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Hindi, suggesting that the feature may still be in its early stages and restricted to areas where these languages are spoken widely.

Users can benefit from this new audio message transcription feature in a number of ways. First of all, it enables users to resume talks even in cases where they were preoccupied or in a noisy setting and missed a voice note. To ensure they stay informed and can reply correctly, they can read the transcribed text instead of straining to listen to the audio.

“It is worth noting that transcriptions provide a quick reference even through searching the voice note later, enabling users to find and review the content of voice notes without having to replay the audio,” the paper explained.

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