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Google’s Circle To Search Feature Will Be Available For The Pixel 8 And Pixel 8 Pro Before The End Of January

Samsung showcased a number of AI-powered innovations at Galaxy Unpacked, but Google’s “Circle to Search” was by far the best. By highlighting, tapping, or circling specific areas of an image (or text), you can look up information about it. Though not for long, the feature was intended to be limited to the Galaxy S24 series.

Circle to Search will be available on “select premium Android smartphones” on January 31, according to a Google blog post. Sadly, neither a list of phones nor a method for figuring out what Google considers to be “premium” are provided. It might be high-end phones released in the last year or two, since Circle to Search will require an NPU due to its heavy reliance on AI capabilities. Given that Samsung has announced that all Galaxy AI functions will be available on older Galaxy devices later in the year, the Galaxy S23, Galaxy Tab S9 series, Galaxy Z Fold5, and Galaxy Z Flip5 look like potential candidates.

But according to a post on Google’s official X (and Twitter) account, it’s only compatible with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro ($799 on Amazon). Additionally, Google has not disclosed a list of approved languages and locations. In order to initiate Circle to Search, one must first highlight the text or image that requires further information on the Pixel 8 and long press the Home button or menu bar (this gesture typically launches the Google Assistant).

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