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Japan’s Switch Online Service Acquires The Six-Button Sega very large Drive Controller

One of the highlights of the most latest Nintendo Direct was the announcement Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) games will be going to the Switch Online assistance one month from now as an ‘Expansion Pack’ administration.

This includes the addition of new (yet old) controllers that are presently remote. There’s a Nintendo 64 regulator and a three-button Sega Genesis regulator. In case you’re situated in Japan however and end up being a NSO part, it appears you’ll really have the option to get your hands on the six-button adaptation of Sega’s remote GamePad.

While obviously, it’s not the best information for Sega fans here in the west, it’s not too amazing, all things considered. At the point when Sega delivered its Sega Mega Drive Mini locally in 2019, it did the very same thing – making the six-button gamepad selective to Japan.

The three-button Sega Genesis Wireless gamepad for Switch will impair you $49.99/£39.99/€49.99. You can dive deeper into the most recent regulator uncovers for the Switch Online assistance in our past post. The Switch Online assistance in Japan will likewise be getting some unique game titles, similar to Custom Robo.

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