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Google Continues To Offer The New Pixel 8a And Pixel Tablet At Excessive Prices

Since the launching of the most recent Pixel 8a, Google has been making aggressive hardware offers. So should you wait for the inescapable price reduction or are the pre-order discounts worthwhile?

As of right now, all Pixel 8a pre-orders come with a $100 store credit from Google, and if you have a Google One subscription, you may get 10% more in store credit.

Accompanying every Pixel 8a purchase is a decent trade-in offer from the firm. Google will pay you $210 for the Pixel 7 Pro and $200 for the Pixel 7a if you currently possess a Pixel phone. However, those who hold earlier Samsung phones are in for a far better bargain, as the Galaxy S22 Ultra is reasonably priced at $320.

Considering that the S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro were released in the same year, that is a fair pricing. You might want to keep the Samsung phone nonetheless, with its array of innovative AI features.

It should come as no surprise that Google has reserved its greatest trade-in offers for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, both of which have a maximum value of $499. The fact that the iPhone 13 (128GB) is still worth more than the Pixel 7 Pro or Pixel 7A when traded for up to $250 illustrates which brands are actually more valuable over time.

As usual, it never makes sense to exchange a brand-new, high-end flagship phone for a somewhat updated mid-range model. Google states that these incentives expire on May 19th, so it also looks like these are momentarily higher trade-in values. Customers can trade in their devices for a credit that will be refunded on the card they used to acquire the Pixel 8a. Buyers have 30 days to ship in their device.

Numerous prompts for joining up for Google One, the company’s subscription storage service, which includes a free Fitbit and Nest Aware membership, can be seen throughout the Pixel 8a product page.

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