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Google Releases The Pixel 8a, he Company’s Most Recent Low-cost Smartphone with Eight AI Features

The Google Pixel 8a has made its official debut in India, and similar to its other smartphones, it packs a tonne of AI-powered capabilities into the most accessible Pixel 8 series device. Google Tensor G3 SoC, the same chipset that powers AI functions in the premium Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8, powers the smartphone.

The Pixel 8a, which retails for Rs 52,999, is loaded with AI-powered features to optimise images and movies.

Here are the all the AI features in the Pixel 8a:

Best Take: To modify group shots, Best Take was introduced with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro range of devices. The function lets users select the expression they believe best captures everyone in the picture by analysing many images taken in the same location. The smartphone presents a list of possibilities, and users can tap the preferred expression from those options.

Magic Editor: With Magic Editor, users can adjust the size and position of topics or apply presets to add interest to the background. Prior to use, the image must be backed up. Google utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to fill in the spaces left by subjects that are moved or removed.

Audio Magic Eraser:  users may enhance the audio quality of a video by eliminating distracting sounds such as wind, people, and other background noises, resulting in a clear and crisp audio output. For instance, you can use Audio Magic Eraser to amplify your voice and muffle background noise if you’re vlogging in a crowded Chandni Chowk road.

Super Res Zoom is also available up to 8x on Pixel 8a. Super Res Zoom is a machine learning method that aligns and combines images from numerous cameras to produce a crisp result.

Magic Eraser: Introduced with the Google Pixel 6 series, this tool lets users take out distracting objects from photos to get a better, more organised image. Artificial Intelligence is used by the feature to bridge the void created by the deleted things.

Night Sight: This feature, which also received AI treatment, makes use of AI to enhance photos by adding light and reducing noise.

Photo Unblur: Photo Unblur, arguably one of the most adored AI capabilities on Google Pixel devices, allows users to artificially sharpen any photo. In order to faithfully capture each person’s skin tone in images and videos, Pixel 8a comes with Real Tone.

In addition to these AI-powered tools and capabilities, the Google Pixel 8a also includes Google’s built-in AI assistant, Gemini, which assists users with typing, speaking, and adding photos for a variety of activities. For instance, users can discover information quickly without switching apps thanks to Circle to Search.

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