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Aavesham OTT Release Date: Find Out How To Stream The Popular Malayalam Film Starring Fahadh Faasil Online

Release date for Aavesham on OTT: The highly popular Malayalam film Aavesham, starring Fahadh Faasil, is currently showing in theatres. April 11 was the release date. Actually, on the 26th day, it made ₹1.10 crore, according to Sacnilk. But it will be accessible on OTT shortly.

Sacnilk estimates that Aavesham’s global box office receipts total ₹146.9 crore, with ₹93.9 crore coming from its gross collection in India and ₹53 crore from the international market. According to media estimates, the movie’s estimated budget is ₹30 crore.

Now, those who were unable to see the film in theatres can view it on the internet. May 9 is the release date of Aavesham OTT. Amazon Prime Video will broadcast the action-comedy film.

The film, which also stars Ashish Vidyarthi, Mansoor Ali Khan, and Sajin Gopu, was directed by Jithu Madhavan. Three teens who relocate to Bengaluru for education and get into a quarrel are the subject of the Malayalam film. They ask a local mobster for assistance.

The Bengaluru mobster with origins in Kerala and Karnataka is portrayed by Fahadh. He has a thick handlebar moustache and is completely white. The well-known actor previously discussed his motivation for playing the role with Manorama Online.

“I have not explored such characters before, so when this story came to me, I said yes. My character is loud in this movie, unlike the ones I did in the past. Also, I speak a mix of Kannada and Malayalam,” he explained.

At the time, Fahadh was adamant that people view the movie in theatres rather than on OTT.

“There are a lot of off-beat films that are streaming on various OTT platforms. However, Aavesham is very entertaining and definitely needs to be watched in theatres,” he explained.

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