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Sonos Launches Its Very First Over-ear Headphones for $449: Examine Features

The American audio equipment maker Sonos has introduced its Ace wireless headphones globally in a few different nations.

Next month, these high-end over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones, which retail for $449 or €499, will be available for purchase.

Preorders are already being accepted, and sales will formally begin on June 5. There are two colour options for the headphones: Soft White and Black.

Sonos Ace: Advanced features and specifications

Eight microphones and two 40mm dynamic drivers are included in the Sonos Ace headphones.

Three different noise control modes are available: ‘Off,’ Aware mode, and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

While the Aware mode only partially prevents upsetting noises, the ANC completely blocks ambient noise from the outside world. Both Aware setting and ANC are turned off in the ‘Off’ setting.

Users can modify the audio settings of these headphones by utilising the Sonos smartphone app.

Connectivity and battery life of Sonos Ace

The recently released Sonos Ace headphones have a 3.5mm jack in addition to Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity.

They have a Power/Bluetooth button, an LED light to show the connection status, and a Content Key to control music playback and change volume.

With the ANC or Aware mode activated, the headphones can play music for up to 30 hours or make phone calls for 24 hours thanks to their 1,060mAh battery.

Sonos CEO highlights design features of Ace headphones

The Ace headphones’ design elements were highlighted by Sonos CEO Patrick Spence, who explained, “It’s all in the interest of doing something that’s going to make this light and comfortable for the customer.”

Unlike a folding mechanism, the design has a hidden hinge in the ear cup, which reduces the strain on the cabling.

In the future, the business intends to offer replacements for its magnetic, detachable ear cushions.

Unique features of Sonos Ace headphones

TV Audio Swap is a special feature of the Ace headphones that allows you to stream audio from a Sonos soundbar to your headphones as long as you’re nearby.

This functionality will initially only be compatible with the Sonos Arc, but it will eventually be expanded to include the Beam and Ray generations as well.

Furthermore, Sonos has created its own head-tracking technology that adjusts according on your orientation and position, eliminating the need for frequent refocusing when you glance down at your phone.

Sonos Ace headphones: Compatibility and future updates

At launch, the Sonos app’s iOS version will be the only one with capabilities like TV Audio Swap with Sonos Arc and spatial audio.

But Android compatibility for these functions is anticipated “shortly after,” extending the headphones’ platform-spanning capabilities.

By taking this action, all users will be able to fully utilise the sophisticated capabilities of the new Sonos Ace headphones, regardless of their preferred device.

The Ace competes with Bose’s QuietComfort Ultra headphones and Apple’s AirPods Max.

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