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8849 Launches the DLP Projector Smartphone, TANK 3 Pro

Leading mobile technology pioneer 8849 is excited to announce the release of its newest invention, the TANK 3 Pro, which is set to completely transform the way people interact with technology in a world where difficulties and creativity coexist.

With its exceptional performance, futuristic appearance, and state-of-the-art capabilities, the TANK 3 Pro is poised to upend the norm for excellence in the tech sector.

The Ultimate Experience in Projection

The 120Hz, 100 lumen DLP Laser Projector from TANK 3 Pro will enhance the viewing experience for users by providing unmatched clarity and captivating images. Elevate users’ projections to a new level with remarkable brightness and accuracy, whether for business or pleasure.

Superb Work

Equipped with the Dimensity 8200 CPU, it provides remarkable multitasking capabilities, lightning-fast speed, and outstanding efficiency. With this powerful gadget, users can explore an infinite world of possibilities and experience the peak of performance.

Strong Storage

With a generous 512GB ROM and two enormous RAM options—16GB or 18GB—you can unleash the possibility of limitless storage. A future where user data and memories are always accessible is waiting for you. Bid adieu to storage constraints.

Superb Battery with Quick Charging

With the TANK 3 Pro’s large 23800mAh battery and 120W rapid charging, you can stay connected and productive for longer. Take advantage of quick recharges and continuous use to make sure consumers are always prepared to take on the day.

Enabling Photography at the Professional Level

Use the 200MP AI Main camera to capture every moment in breathtaking detail. Improve the user’s photographic skills and unleash their creativity with high-end imaging features that enable them to capture life’s most memorable moments in breathtaking clarity.

The CEO of 8849 commented, “We are excited to launch the TANK 3 Pro into the market.” “This product is a perfect example of our dedication to innovation and meeting consumer needs with our offerings. For those who require durability without sacrificing performance, the TANK 3 Pro is the best smartphone thanks to its robust design, potent specs, and adaptable features.”

About 8849:

Leading producer of durable electronics, 8849 produces products that outlast and perform better than anything else available. The company has a highly skilled staff for designing and developing mobile phones, a fully functional factory for manufacturing mobile phones, and an extensive production line for producing mobile phones that can autonomously finish the entire process of developing a smartphone.

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