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Galaxy Note 9 gets what’s possible its last month to month safety update

The August 2021 security update has started arriving on the international variations of the Galaxy Note 9. Only in front of the third anniversary of the cell phone’s delivery, at that. Anybody actually utilizing this specific model should now be keeping watch for the firmware overhaul assigned as the delivery N960FXXS9FUH1.

Samsung Germany is spearheading this rollout in Europe, as it frequently does. Be that as it may, the stateside part of the tech monster really shut it to down this time around; the opened Galaxy Note 9 units in the U.S. are as of now getting the August 2021 update stateside starting yesterday.

It’s as yet not over for the Galaxy Note 9

Looking a gander at the more extensive picture, the Galaxy Note 9 is at present one of the most established Samsung gadgets actually getting month to month security patches. Without a doubt, it’s going to turn three one week from now. Implying that the August first, 2021 fix level might just be the last month to month firmware discharge for the gadget. Or then again the penultimate one, best case scenario.

On the splendid side, none of that is to say that it’s over for the Galaxy Note 9. In case you’re actually shaking the 2018 lead, you actually have an entire year of quarterly security updates to anticipate. The Galaxy Note 8, then again… better believe it, that one is certainly toward the finish of its life expectancy.

Be that as it may, with each passing generation, the Galaxy Note series keeps on conveying incredible incentive for cash. Indeed, even in a year with no new age to talk about. How about we simply trust Samsung returns to refreshing its notable line one year from now.

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