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Entrepreneur Moonis Ali talks about building his eCom Empire from scratch after a series of failures

A computer science engineer with MBA in IT & Marketing has proved that perseverance can ensure success in any field of work. One of India’s reputed e-Com Entrepreneurs, Moonis Ali is set on a mission to help 1000 students become online Millionaries with his techniques and tips. The lack of mentorship, resources and proper blueprint, the first few years were extremely difficult and challenging.

Coming from a non-business background, he faced a lot of challenges of which finances was a major concern in shaping his career. Moonis says, “To achieve something, learning and exploration, mentorship and timeline are the major factors which will directly impact towards success. One should have immense interest along with zeal to attain proper knowledge about a subject to choose a career path.”

Moonis did not want his students to face challenges due to lacking of right mentor at the right time. He believes that we all deserves financial freedom and there are very few people and institutes that talk about Financial Freedom which is why. He decided to tune students & their energies into the right path, helping them gain financial freedom in just few days of perusing his training.

After a series of failures, investing all his savings, with just Rs 131 Left in his bank account and a 70,000 negative Credit Card bill, he transformed his business and created multiple Million Dollar eCommerce stores. He Loves eCommerce & Dropshipping so Much that is the first Indian guy to record a Music Video on his eCommerce Journey called Ecom Rap – Moonis Ali. Moonis says, “Me along with my cousin used to hang boards and posters on the Street Lights during the nights and I use to give part time lectures on digital marketing in the day time which used to fetch me ₹7200 for 8hr lectures for 2 days.”

After unlocking the success formula for eCommerce Dropshipping he started setting up long term and short term goals. First his goal was to make a Thousand Dollars, after which he wanted to make 100k USD in a month. During just the BlackFriday Sale he generated more than 300k USD in a single week with the knowledge and experience he gained after investing his time and money. He soon started making in millions. Not just that, but he is passionate about guiding others to make millions with his mentoring support. Moonis currently helps 1000s of students across India.

His online presence started to grow and he was being invited to conduct a lot of coaching sessions on eCommerce, Digital Marketing, entrepreneurship and sales at different colleges and corporates. It is then that he realized that here is a huge gap between the formal knowledge being taught at colleges/universities and what the market actually needs.

A lot of youngsters reach out to him, mentioning that they don’t have money to start an E-com businesses. With his success talking in numbers, as a Keynote speaker Moonis has spoken at a number of events at multiple places Like IIM Indore, All India Affiliate Summit, Online Millionaire Summit, DAVV, Aisect University and others. Moonis proves to be the best eCommerce Trainer in India with vast experience and proven results.

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