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Divine Feminism and its Evolution Explained by Kaia Ra

In 2009, Kaia Ra experienced a waking revelation. Life, as she previously knew,was completely turned on its head, as her physical reality was shattered. All she knew or thought she knew turned out to be wrong. She had a spiritual vision.

For Kaia, the vision proved to be a spiritual rebirth and awoke in her what she terms ‘divine feminism,’ and the calling to share it with the modern world.

Kaia recalls, “Upon that memorable day,an all-powerful light consumed my physical reality and in that light was a divine and feminine voice which announced itself as, ‘Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life’.”

Kaia subsequently explained the experience in greater detail in her book – The Sophia Code. The author revealed, “Sophia is not a goddess or individual entity. She is the divine mother who created us all in her image. She has no face, for we all are her face. She is the holy spirit that lives within us all. She is our higher self and expresses herself through divine, unconditional love.”

Admittedly, these are big concepts and Kaia is not a lady who shies away from thinking big. She describes her book, which took her seven years to write in relative isolation, as being directed by Sophia herself. She describes it as a love letter to humanity and a guidebook on how we can use divine feminism to activate our higher self in the turmoil and challenges of the modern world.

Kaia explained, “For thousands of years, humanity has suffered at the hands of abusive patriarchal agendas. I wrote the Sophia Code to help heal our relationship with the divine feminine consciousness that also honors and loves the divine masculine. Now more than ever, we need balance in our lives. This can only happen if we reconcile with the divine mother who has suffered years of persecution and hate.”

As an individual who has suffered an extreme degree of trauma in her past, Kaia knows personally the pain and abuse that is unique to females and believes through the divine feminine that women can change the world for the better and usher in true equality for all. Kaia said, “My book ample esoteric material, and I urge readers to approach it with an open mind. The divine feminine path is one of simplicity. It is all about learning to trust your instincts and listen to your heart. The divine mother has always been talking to you and guiding you. You just need to remember how you held her hand and listened to her voice as a child. And if you do this, I promise you, human suffering and enslavement of the planet will one day be history.”

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