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Changing the future of the online clothing business is India’s brand – WeIN

WeIN is gunning to become India’s first internationally accepted and acclaimed clothing brand.

With changing times, entrepreneurs must change. The winning quality that creates a successful entrepreneur is their ability to navigate through the storm of changes in the industry. As we all know that the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps and have put emphasis on creating high-quality goods and services from within the country. The government has introduced campaigns such as “Vocal for Local” and “Make in India” in their efforts to make India self-sufficient. So with this opportunity and changing business scenario in the country, a business entity is being launched very soon to combat the severely affected economy and also provide quality goods to its customers, online. WeIN – an online clothing line is all set to begin its operations in the middle of August this year. 

WeIN is born from adapting the expertly crafted clothes designed specifically for the age group 16 to 24 females along with local skills & technology. The apparel brand will not just be limited to the specific age group and will be gender and size-inclusive as well. Online shopping can be done in all shapes and sizes of clothes for all the age groups. 

The brand has devised measures to deliver its products to consumers across the country safely. WeIN can be called an Indianized version of China’s SHEIN Company. It is seen as the best Shein alternate. It provides trendy, dapper, suave looking for clothes with also having variety in many types of dresses. WeIN will also offer their products at an affordable rate as it will have no import cost to bear. 

The teases of their spectacular designs and quality of the clothes can be viewed on their social media pages and that has already generated a good buzz among the youths. On top of that, WeIN will also offer bonus points to their loyal customers and have created a very friendly user interface experience. 

PLUS FOR US- Embrace Your Curves is what the company says after dedicating a whole section for the people who need to buy vivid sized clothes. WeIN’s vision is to put a mark on the global fashion industry by becoming the first Indian clothing brand accepted and lauded internationally. We in WeIN stands for “for all of us” and IN stands for “made in India”. A brand made locally raring to be vocally accepted.

Gary Hays is the author of numerous science fiction short stories and books. He has also written scripts for various science fiction television shows. He has lots of knowledge about running world. In recent months, most of his writing has been in collaboration with Resident Weekly.
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