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The Story of Chris Goma and his music career

In 2014, Chris was looking for a place to perform & expand his music presence in the city. He found out a local bar was hosting an open mic night. He met the hostess that night, D Eve Archer, who also happened to be one of his father’s pupils from many years ago.

They made a pact that night that they’d both pursue their careers with full ferocity.

One day, after checking in with several bars in town to see if they’d book him, he arrived at Sapphire lounge. It was a small, new bar in town & he arrived there as they were just opening. The owner was there & Chris offered to perform for him right there for a chance at a paid gig.

She hooked him up with other bar owners in the area & Chris began performing at several bars for money.

He met & played with Virginia to Vegas (DJ Baker) at a bar called Sip Club one night. He was further on in his career & acted as a mentor & friend to Chris. Virginia to Vegas gave Chris advice to inspire him to get out of Guelph since there’s much more opportunity & money to be made for someone with Chris’ level of talent. Chris immediately took a step out into Toronto to try his act with a new crowd & felt more success & encouragement. This made Chris realize he could take his skills to even bigger crowds outside of Canada. He wanted to try things out in the USA. Currently, Chris is living in sunny Los Angeles working on various project. Keep an eye out for this kid. Instagram: @9goma

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