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Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Amit Asudani on the Advantages of Clear Aligners versus Traditional Braces

A smile is life’s antidote to chaos. While it doesn’t take much to break into one, bad teeth or gaps often prevent people from smiling unconsciously. And braces, it seems, are fast becoming passe. And if you ask Dr. Amit Asudani, UAE-based orthodontist, the transition from metal braces to clear aligners couldn’t have come sooner.

One of the most significant advantages of clear aligners is that they appear invisible. Unlike traditional braces that may feel clunky for some, clear aligners are often preferred by patients for their aesthetic appeal. Dr. Amit says, “Adults and often children too end up feeling uncomfortable and may develop low self-esteem with a metal link running across their teeth. Clear aligners keep the problem of aesthetics at bay and additionally, also help in hiding any existing gaps between teeth, something that braces fail to do.”

If you ever had braces or know someone who did, then you have probably heard them complain about ‘nasty brace bites.’ Dr. Asudani explains, “Metal brackets, elastics or wire can sometimes poke sensitive areas of the mouth like cheek or tongue. The injuries aren’t fatal but can cause a great amount of discomfort, especially while eating, talking, and even sleeping. Although these injuries don’t pose any serious threat, things can get complicated when bits and pieces of food get stuck in the brackets as this may lead to gum diseases and decay. To keep this from happening, wearers are required to clean their braces consistently, which can become tedious and time-consuming. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are as comfortable to remove and clean as they are to wear.”

Clear aligners are a giant leap in the direction of organic dentistry or, as Dr. Asudani likes to put it, “of making dentistry simple again. Clear aligners ensure more accuracy of the final result as the treatment is planned and executed digitally. This enables the orthodontists to make the impression of the patient’s teeth digitally and plan the treatment accordingly. The digital rendering aspect drastically brings down the chances of errors as it creates a very accurate roadmap for orthodontists to follow during the procedure. Such accuracy cannot be expected from metal braces as they are put manually and cannot match the accuracy that can be achieved digitally.” It does seem like the best way for people to have a million-dollar smile without compromising their actual teeth. It’s clear that, in comparison, clear aligners are here to trump braces as the go-to option for people who wish to align their teeth and add to their smiles. With less intrusion and easy cleaning, it looks like clear aligners will replace traditional braces soon and altogether.  

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